Meeting with Borobudur – Indonesian Art & Craft Shop plus Restaurant

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On April 22, 2016, ITPC Milan’s Director (Mr. Agung Pramudya F.R.) met the owner of Borobudur (Mr. Walter Carrubba), Indonesian art and craft shop in Genova, who also owns the only Indonesian restaurant in Italy. The location of the shop and restaurant is in Genova and the meeting was also attended by Mr. Michael Manurung.

Borobudur focuses on the business to consumers operation (B2C) and imports original art and craft products from Indonesia to Italy. Usually, they participate at B2C exhibitions in Italy, such as Festival dell’Oriente in Rome, Padua, Carrara and Milan. Additionally, they also participate Fiera dell’Artigianato in Milan.   

During the meeting, ITPC Milan’s Director and Borobudur’s owner discuss several issues, including:

  1. How it would be good to have more Indonesian food supply to be imported into Italy to facilitate Indonesian cuisines promotion in the country.
  2. Potential collaboration in the future between ITPC Milan with Borobudur regarding promotion of Indonesian food and Indonesian art & craft in Italy during B2C exhibitions.

As mentioned above, Ristorante Borobudur in Genova is the only restaurant that provides authentic Indonesian cuisines in Italy. The restaurant was inaugurated in 2004 and for almost 12 years, it never stops to offer unique experiences of Indonesia in Italy, with special decoration, great Indonesian chefs and traditional Indonesian dances.

For more information about Ristorante Borobudur, visit their site on


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