Meeting with AICE and Orrick Representatives

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             On September 7, 2016, ITPC Milan and Trade Attaché of Indonesian Embassy of Rome met Mr. Pierantonio Cantoni, a representative from international business development of Italian foreign trade association (AICE – Associazione Italiana Commercio Estero), and Mr. John Shehata, special consultant from Orrick.

           The meeting aimed to discuss several important topics, especially about business and investment opportunity in Indonesia. In this matter, AICE has interest to develop their business in Southeast Asia and previously, they have had business collaboration with Singapore’s Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, they also have done business cooperation with Pakistan.

            After these two successful business collaborations, AICE would like to cooperate with Indonesia too, as one of important countries in Asia. They expect Italian businessmen and entrepreneurs to invest in Indonesia as Asia is a very promising market.

            Not only AICE, Mr. John Shehata from Orrick also expressed his interest to invest in Indonesia. He sees big opportunity in a country that has around 250 million population. Particularly, he is interested in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), infrastructure, agriculture, health and property.

            During the meeting, ITPC Milan informed the two parties about the upcoming B2B event, Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) that will be held from October 12 to October 16, 2016.  During TEI, it is expected there will be mutually grown partnership between Indonesian and Italian businessmen through business matching.

            ITPC also hopes to increase mutual trade partnership between Indonesia and Italy. To achieve the goal, ITPC will facilitate and connect Italian investors to cooperate with Indonesian companies. Moreover, to realise this, Mr. Cantoni and Mr. Shehata would like this matter to be accelerated so that the partnership could be started in 2017.

            It is also crucial for both parties to exchange information about Indonesian and Italian companies. AICE themselves have around 700 companies as business partners. Therefore, they would like to get updates about potential activities that they can do with Indonesia next year.

            Furthermore, ITPC also wishes that both AICE and Mr. Shehata could participate and attend TEI 2016 as it will be the first step to begin partnership opportunity between the two in various businesses and investments. By participating to this B2B event, they will be able to observe Indonesian products in order to find the right ones to be matched with Italian businesses so that the partnership between the two parties will be efficient.

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