Kampungku Indonesia – The Story from an Italian Man with Indonesian Heart

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Stefano Romano is an Italian photographer from Rome who loves to capture the faces of Asia, especially Indonesia, the place where his heart belongs. With his camera as his best friend, he travels to get the best moment of human beauty in spontaneous and natural way.

On June 3, 2016, Stefano came to ITPC’s office to meet our Director, Mr. Agung Pramudya to talk about his new book, “Kampungku Indonesia”. The book can be pre-ordered by mail to asahibookmart@gmail.com until the release date on June 24, 2016. Kampungku Indonesia tells about the amazing tradition and culture of Indonesian life in villages, which haven’t changed after so many years and even after the modern globalization. Through his camera lenses, Stefano was able to capture the natural beauty of our culture and tradition in daily life.

For us, the book tells perfectly the life in Indonesia during his travels there and his love for our country. The book is published by Mizan and sold at 199,000 Indonesian rupiah (which is around €13.27 more or less). Furthermore, if people decide to pre-order the book to the mentioned e-mail before June 24, they will get a special discount of around 20%. This means the price of the book is Rp 159,200 for pre-order (or around €10.62).

Inside Kampungku Indonesia, you can find and discover the wonderful photography of Indonesia and its people, plus the story, illustrated beautifully by the photographer. Certainly, Stefano was born in Italy; however, his dedication to capture every moment of Indonesian life shows that his heart belongs to Indonesia.

cover KAMPUNGKU INDONESIA#17.0 #mba yuli (2)
The Cover Page of “Kampungku Indonesia” by Stefano Romano
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