ITPC Milan at HOMI 2016

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From September 16 to 19, 2016, ITPC Milan had participated in HOMI exhibition, focused on lifestyle themes. For this participation, as mentioned previously, ITPC Milan had already met the organisers a month earlier to discuss mutual partnership. Therefore, to achieve ITPC’s mission and vision in Italy, it was necessary to join and promote Indonesian products during this event.

HOMI itself is organised twice a year, including the summer edition in September and the winter edition in January. The themes of the exhibition are housewares, clothes, jewellery, interior designs and other house accessories. HOMI was originally called MACEF until the 95th edition in January 2014.

This exhibition delivers B2B concept and usually involves various furniture and home decoration sectors from all over the world. During HOMI, an Indonesian furniture importer named Bambu Design, a brand that has been cooperating with ITPC Milan since 2012 (including partnership during MACEF in the past and Expo 2015), also participated in this exhibition.

During the participation at HOMI, Bambu Design’s products attracted a lot of buyers, which 70% are from Italy while the rest come from other European countries such as France and Greece. Favourite products include furniture made of bamboo, wooden housewares and bathroom equipment from natural stones. The unique design and high quality materials have been the keys to the success.

Furthermore, ITPC also presented Trade Expo Indonesia 2016 (TEI) to the visitors during this event, by also giving brochures and placing a banner to advertise the biggest international B2B exhibition in Indonesia, a huge opportunity for participating industries, businessmen and entrepreneurs worldwide to meet and discuss potential cooperation.

After HOMI has ended, ITPC will collaborate with Bambu Design to observe the further development of the trade partnership with the buyers they met during the event. Hopefully, this event was another successful step for ITPC Milan to move forward in achieving their goals in Italy.



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