Table Archives – Indonesian Trade Promotion Center Milan

No.Company NameProduct Spesification
ESTU AGUNG ABADI, PT Basketwork & the like of Rattan – Rattan Seat furniture – Rattan table furniture – Wooden buffet furniture – Wooden bedroom furniture – Wooden table furniture – Wooden Seat furniture – Rattan furniture – Rattan rack furniture – Oth. Articles of glass - Wooden furniture
JOSHUA CAHAYA SENTOSA, PT Ceramic tableware – Kitchenware, etc – Oth. than Porcelain or China
COME BEST WAHANA INDUSTRY INDONESIA, PT Curtains, knitted or crocheted – Table linen, knitted or crocheted
HARTONO ISTANA TEKNOLOGI, PT Electro-mechanical Appl. (Vacuum cleaner, Floor Polish, Food grinders & mixers, etc) – Microphones – Headphones – Earphones – Audio-frequency – Amplifier – Speakers – Parts – Oth. Ovens (Rice cookers, Cooking plate, Boiling rings, Grillers & Roasters) – Pocket-size radio cassette-player – Reception app. for television – Video monitor, projector – Radio-broadcast receivers – Television cameras – Turntable – Record-players – Cassette-player & Oth. Sound reproducing apparatus – Parts, Refrigerators, Freezes & Oth. Refrigerating/Freezing equipment – Part, Air conditioning machines – Parts, Vacuum pumps – Air pumps
KEDAUNG INDUSTRIAL LTD, PT Glassware, Tableware, Kitchenware of porcellain china – Households articles of iron and steel, enamelled – Knives & Cutting blades for kitchen appliances – Food industry machine
ASIANAGRO AGUNGJAYA, PT Palm Oils – Vegetable facts & oils – Margarine, excluding liquid margarine – Crude Palm Oils – Lard Stearin – Lard Oils – Cocoa beans, whole or broken, raw or roasted
GREAT GIANT PINEAPPLE, PTPineapple canned fruits – Oth. Vegetable prepared in other container frozen – Fruits fresh or frozen
DYNEA INDRIA, PT Products suitable for use as glues or adhesives – Glues based on starches or on Dex-Trins
ADITEC CAKRAWIYASA, PT Set of Kitchenware or Tableware, Plated with precious metal
ACCUPUNTO INTERNASIONAL, PT Table – Kitchen or Other Households articles
FUNISIA PERKASA, PT Wooden bedroom furniture – Wooden table furniture
INATAI GOLDEN FURNITURE INDUSTRIES, PT Wooden seat furniture – Wooden table furniture – Garden furniture
EUROINDO JAYA, PT Wooden seat furniture – Wooden table furniture – Rattan furniture – Wooden furniture – Rattan seat furniture – Wooden buffet furniture – Bamboo handicraft – Wooden frames – Wooden handicraft – Indoor furniture – Outdoor furniture – Teak wood