Company Profile: Wira Tehnik Pratama

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Wira Tehnik Pratama is a company engaged in the field of trade and services, especially in the field of agriculture and forestry. It develops agricultural commodities, plantation and forestry, where farmers are their supporting and strategic partners. 

The company provides encouragement and development of innovation technology and market guarantees to farmers as their partners. The collaboration works mutually beneficial for both the company and farmers. In order to support green economy, they focus on maintaining the business by applying the principal of environmental sustainability.  

The mission of Wira Teknik Pratama is to provide world class services and high quality products with sufficient quantity. The objective is to guaranteee satisfaction of the customers, stakeholders and farmers as their partners.

To read more on Wira Teknik Pratama as a sustainable company and their product catalogue, please consult the document attached below:

If you’d like to contact the company, please send an email to:

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