Remarkable Indonesia: Wakatobi

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For people who love sea and beaches, Indonesia is really the right place to be, especially for holiday destination. In our country, we have around 17,000 islands and so many exciting plus adventurous activities in the water to experience.

Take as an example a very special place that we are going to tell you now that is located in the Island of Sulawesi. This place is an irresistible destination if you like to enjoy clean blue sea under clear blue sky. Its name is Wakatobi National Park, already well known internationally as one of the finest destinations.

Furthermore, not only for people who want to enjoy the view of stupendous sea in a tropical country, Wakatobi is also famous for its reputation as a marine nirvana for diving lovers. This is influenced by the fact that its area has been recognised as the largest barrier reef in Indonesia. The name Wakatobi derives from the four main Tukangbesi Islands, including Wangi-wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. Tukangbesi  is a group of islands off the Sulawesi’s coast and in English, it means blacksmith (iron worker).

So far, Wakatobi is known to have the most number of fish species and reef worldwide. In this place, divers can explore more than fifty amazing diving sites that can be reached from the major islands in the area. For animal lovers, you can also enjoy the presence of numerous fish species from small to big ones, dolphins, turtles and others as this is their natural habitat.

Wakatobi is actually located in the heart of Asia-Pacific Coral Triangle. It is one of the three hearts in the World Coral Triangle, which is a triangular area of the tropical marine waters in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. This coral triangle contains hundreds of coral reefs species in each area. For Wakatobi, it is believed to have around 750 coral reef species and 942 fish species from the total of world’s collection of 850 species.

Additionally, when you decide to visit this stupendous marine park, you can also find countless thrilling activities to do in addition to astonishing diving experience, such as snorkelling, underwater photography to capture breath-taking views, enjoying our excellent resorts etc.

Curious to know more about Wakatobi? Visit for more information and details.

“Explore our extraordinary barrier reefs, a marine nirvana for diving lovers” (Design by: D. Angelia & Team | Creative Writing by: D. Wihardja)
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