Remarkable Indonesia: Pearl

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As you know, a pearl is a beautiful object produced within a living shelled mollusk. Usually, the form of pearl is perfectly round and smooth. The finest quality natural pearls have been considered as valuable gemstones. And for centuries, they have been recognized as objects of beauty.

While metaphorically, pearl is usually something that people think as rare, fine, admirable and precious. That’s why for a long time, pearls have been produced mainly to create unique and valuable jewelries, or sometimes, in expensive clothing design. Furthermore, they are also usually used in cosmetics, medicines and paint, certainly after being crushed first.

This product is one of Indonesian export commodities. This is influenced by the fact that Indonesia has a very strategic position as a producer of this product, speaking of our country’s geographical area. We are an archipelago surrounded by sea, making us a potential producer of this commodity.

For Indonesian pearl, the demand keeps increasing year by year. Indonesia remains in the top ten position for global top pearl producers and exporters in the world. Indonesian export partners in the last few years include Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Switzerland, India, New Zealand and France.

Moreover, since a decade ago, Indonesia has been one of the largest producers of pearl worldwide. Indonesia has also advanced solutions regarding the production method, human resources, equipment and technology to produce pearl.

In the world, there are actually four types of pearls: Fresh Water Pearl, Akoya Pearl, Black Pearl and South Sea Pearl, which is the pearl type that Indonesia produces. This shows that from the four types of pearl in the world, Indonesia is one of the biggest producers, from where the international market can rely their trust on.

As mentioned earlier, not only that our country has sufficient resources, we also have potentials in human resources and tools. If you are looking for the finest quality natural pearls, we might be the one you are looking for.

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“The Queen of Gemstones that exists to complete you. With Pearl, You will feel unique, loved and indispensable” – Photo by: Simone Sapia | Creative Writing by: Dewi Wihardja
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