Remarkable Indonesia: Handicrafts

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One of the best things about Indonesia is the opportunity to discover our wonderful handicrafts. The diversity of our arts spreads throughout the archipelago and there are different ornaments and carving goods for daily use, celebrations and home decorations. The richness of arts and crafts is one of Indonesia’s most precious treasures.

Indonesian art forms can include designs influenced by its early animistic beliefs, ancestor worship, Hinduism or Buddhism. Many cultural traditions are described in the development of local art products. Our handicrafts are designed for the use of daily household items, decorated in unique way.

Materials that are used vary from natural wood, fibre, bamboo, rattan to even grass. For the colouring, we use both natural and harmless chemical dyes while for the decoration, beads and other natural ornaments are utilised to make different interesting designs. In our country, you can easily find them in distinctive artistic forms.

Indonesian handicrafts are created by skilful craftsmen and they can be found easily in all areas of the country. With stunning beauty and designs, our products are always received well by international markets. Furthermore, as mentioned above, our arts and crafts use natural and environmentally safe materials. The types of our handicrafts include miniatures, stone craft, handmade products, carved products, wooden handicraft, pottery and many others.

Moreover, most museums in Jakarta and in other major cities display countless artefacts from our vibrant history. You will be able to discover the rich cultural heritage of Indonesian arts and crafts in our museums. Every province in Indonesia develops different forms of products. So, each is unique and special.

To add, for importers, these handicraft products can be obtained from our manufacturers and exporters. Visit our country and choose the best products for your market. Indonesian art products will be able to meet your needs.

If you are looking for high quality products with good prices and exclusive designs, your travel to Indonesia will enrich your knowledge and satisfy your desire about arts and crafts. This is why we would like to invite you to come to Trade Expo Indonesia from October 11 to 15 to meet our talented artisans. Send an email to for further details.

Photographer: Simone Sapia
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