Remarkable Indonesia: Furniture

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Indonesia is rich of natural resources, such as crude oil, natural gas, coal, fertile lands and even wood supply, since its land has a forested area of around 60%. This is why Indonesia can provide great supply of quality wood and wooden products, like wooden furniture for example.

Indonesian wooden furniture uses great variety of wood materials, including mahogany, bamboo, teak etc. Not only using high quality wood materials, Indonesian wooden furniture also specialises in beautiful carving that makes each of them unique.

The city famous for unique carved furniture in Indonesia is Jepara, located in Central Java. Here, they have thousands of registered furniture manufacturers and producers from small to big ones. It is known as the city expert in carved products.

No matter there are thousands of furniture manufacturers in Jepara that can produce large quantity of furniture; sustainable, eco-friendly and quality products remain as main priorities. Jepara furniture combines unique and modern designs to make the best products for the customers.

Jepara manufacturers have produced many quality furniture products not only for their domestic costumers but also for international ones as they have exported their products to other countries as well.

For wooden furniture lovers and international furniture companies who admire wooden products, Indonesia is surely the right place to find high quality products. For further info about Indonesia’s wooden furniture manufacturers, please do not hesitate to contact

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“United elegance and modernity, in harmony with quality and sustainability” – Design: D. Angelia & team, Creative Writing: D. Wihardja & team
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