Remarkable Indonesia: Dragon Fruit

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Dragon fruit or also known as Pitaya is an amazing fruit that is beautiful inside and out. From the outside, it will directly attract anyone who sees it just like “love at first sight”. While from the inside, it will nourish people who consume it regularly.

The colour of its peel is purplish red and it looks like dragon skin. This might be why it is called dragon fruit. Furthermore, the inside part of the fruit has two colour types, the purplish red one and the white one. Nevertheless, no matter there are two colour types, both of them have great health benefits.

First of all, this special fruit provides great source of antioxidants, which help us to prevent dangerous free radicals from entering our body, harming our health, destroying our body cells and forming cancer. Additionally, antioxidants also help to protect the health of beautiful skin.

Moreover, dragon Fruit or Pitaya also provides good amount of fibre and vitamin C, which are known to be very useful in maintaining body stamina and giving sufficient energy to do daily activities. Both fibre and vitamin C are also recognised for its benefits to ensure smooth bowel movement and perfect digestion every single day.

Apart from these, by consuming the right amount of vitamin C, some diseases can also be cured; including cold, flu, stroke, inflammation, cardiovascular diseases etc. Additionally, as vitamin C also provides antioxidants, consuming it also prevents skin aging and therefore, it improves the beauty of our skin.

Not stopping there, dragon fruit also has other health benefits when it is consumed regularly, such as:

  1. Reducing blood sugar level and cholesterol level
  2. Containing low fat but providing high protein
  3. Neutralising the toxin inside the body.
  4. Improving human’s eyesight and memory
  5. Helping people who are trying to do a healthy diet

Moreover, researchers also mentioned that dragon fruit or Pitaya can also help to heal wounds and increase appetite in eating (for those who want to gain weight). This means that it could be good too for children who have difficulty to eat normally.

Dragon fruit is great for both adults and kids. And to complete, this fruit is absolutely sweet and delicious. It shows that not only it is healthy, it is also tasty. Pitaya is definitely one of the right paths to a healthy lifestyle.

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Bello e nutriente, questo è il Dragon Fruit. Ti attrae con i suoi colori vivaci e ti sorprende col suo gusto succulento. (Photo by: Simone Sapia) | (Creative Writing: D. Wihardja)
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