Remarkable Indonesia: Coconut

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Coconut is an important product in Indonesia. Its production is one of Indonesian main industries. The uses of coconut can be diverse, from as an alimentary product, as important materials in house, to as a wonderful ingredient in beauty and food industry. The origin of this plant is believed to come from the Malay-Indonesian region and therefore, the various uses of the fruit in our country are very common.

For people in tropical countries like Indonesia, coconut is a very incredible tree. Almost all parts of this tree can be used in daily life. For example, its wood can be used to build a house while its leaves can be utilised as house roof. On the other hand, the young leaves of coconut tree can be used to make ketupat (an Indonesian traditional food) or to make decorative handicrafts. Actually, this tree has been called as the tree of life or also as the tree of thousand uses, for its ability to provide necessities in human’s life.

As alimentary product, coconut has various uses in culinary tradition. Not only it can be used as oil for cooking and as margarine, coconut also can be made into coconut milk, which is an important product in preparing and making many Indonesian dishes (including rendang, nasi uduk, nasi kuning, soto etc). Other than preparing the main dishes, it is often a crucial ingredient in making desserts too.

Furthermore, Indonesia has been considered as the largest producer of coconut since few years ago. Its various uses in our country have helped the lives of Indonesian people in many aspects. In addition to its diverse uses in cooking, as house materials and for making decorations, coconut is also a very beneficial fruit in maintaining beauty. 

For hair, it can be used as conditioner, anti-dandruff and shine booster for the essential fatty acids and vitamins contained in it. While for skin, it is an excellent moisturiser, a wonderful soothing balm and an amazing anti-aging product as well. Moreover, it is also great for delicate skin areas including eyes as eye cream for example. For lips, it works fabulously as a moisturiser because it can nourish our lips completely and heal visible cracks on them.

And the most important thing is that, coconut also provides numerous health benefits, including protecting brain health, helping diet program as it reduces hunger and makes us eat less, killing dangerous microorganism, improving heart health, improving digestion and giving more energy. This fruit has been recognised as super food for the health benefits it contributes to our daily lives.

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Coconut – Delicate flavour that enriches every dish. Tasting the tropical world has never been so easy before. (Photo by Simone Sapia | Creative Writing by Dewi Wihardja)

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