Remarkable Indonesia: Automotive Parts

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In Indonesia, the market for automotive industry keeps growing. For businessmen who operate in this industry, there is always opportunity to sell. The sales growth of car itself has never disappointed the producers. Therefore, this fact also benefits the people who produce not only cars and motorcycles but also those who produce the automotive parts.

Our country in the last decade has become one of the strongest markets in Asia for the industry of automotive and its spare parts. In the international market, the import rate of automotive industry has grown quite significantly in the last few years from 2009.

For European countries, Germany is the importer with the highest number (while holds the second position in the world, right after The United States). On the other hand, for Indonesia’s export targets, Japan and United States are two developed countries that belong to the top ten countries where our producers export to (*source is taken from Indonesian Ministry of Trade).

The fact that countries like US and Japan trust Indonesia as their reliable supplier shows that Indonesia’s automotive industry has the power and competitiveness to enter global market. Our capacity to provide very high quality products is one of the reasons why we have become trustworthy manufacturers of this industry.

If you are looking for responsible exporters who care about quality and security of the automotive parts you purchase, then our country is the place where you can put your trust in. And if you are looking for exporters who care about giving the best automotive products to your market, then we are your guy.

For further information about this topic and about Indonesian exporters in automotive industry who are able to export to Italy, send an e-mail to and we will give the answer you’re searching.

“Visit us: we are one of the main markets in Asia. Your safety is our priority” – Design by: D. Angelia | Creative Writing by: D. Wihardja
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