Meeting with Veos SpA

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In addition to the meeting with AICE, ITPC Milan also met Veos S.p.a on the same day (September 7, 2016) to talk further about Veos’ request regarding CPO (Crude Palm Oil) supply from Indonesia that had been discussed previously during ITPC’s business seminar on July 28, 2016.

During this meeting, Veos SpA was represented by their CEOs, Mr. Riccardo Bani and Mr. Egidio Ricciuti, plus their Vice President, Mr. Davide Salerno. On the other hand, Indonesia’s part was represented by Trade Attaché, Mr. Sumber Sinabutar and ITPC Milan’s Deputy Director, Mr. Sabbat Jannes. Veos SpA is an Italian company that operates in electricity produced from CPO as its source.

The Trade Attaché also expressed the efforts that had been done by Indonesia to fulfil the supply request, such as by giving the list of Indonesian companies that are able to supply a very huge amount of CPO for Veos. However, unfortunately many Indonesian suppliers have already signed long-term contracts with other international buyers.

Mr. Bani did admit the challenge faced in order to find the right partner that could meet Veos’ necessities in terms of quality, quantity, price and shipment punctuality. For this, our Trade Attaché also talked about the plan to build a connection at Piombino Port specialised to store and distribute CPO products.

This initiative comes from S.E.C.A. Srl., an energy company who processes CPO in this area, supported by Piombino Port’s authority. It would be a strategic place as the area could be the distribution point to both North and South Italy, connected by land transportations.

Nevertheless, for Veos, this would require bigger cost for them as they already have their own CPO processing centre in Pisticci, South Italy. For them, it would be more efficient if it is built in Taranto port, located only at 77 kilometres from Pisticci.

Furthermore, the Deputy Director of ITPC Milan also informed Veos about Trade Expo Indonesia 2016 in Jakarta, the biggest international B2B exhibition in Indonesia. If they decide to participate, Trade Attaché and ITPC Milan will be happy to facilitate the meeting with Indonesian CPO producers.

During this B2B event, Indonesian Ministry of Trade is also ready to help facilitating the needs of Italian buyers, especially if they sign any trade contracts or business deals with any Indonesian exporter. At the end of the meeting, the Trade Attaché and ITPC Milan said that they would provide further recommendation about Indonesian CPO suppliers and producers that could fulfil Veos’ requirements.

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