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 Main Product#Company
Leather products8
Ethnic food8
Shoulder straps, satchels, sacs, totes in printed straws, braids, woven of various sizes. 1
Accessories (bags, wallets, belts) of various materials, including reptiles.1
Accessories (timers, clips, spoon rests and more) 1
Accessories for bathroom and showers1
Accessories for desk 1
Accessories for table, wine and cocktails 1
Accessories for the table, wine and cocktails 1
Accessories with gems1
Accessories/bathroom items 2
Apparel accessories 1
Artisanal small leather goods1
Baby textiles 1
Bags and accessories8
Bags for footwear1
Bags in crocodyle and ostrich1
Barbecue items3
Bath tubs and whirlpool tubs2
Bathroom accessories4
Bathroom furniture3
Bathroom laundry and/or kitchen tapware1
Bathroom textiles 4
Bed linens 3
Belts of high range1
Breakfast, tea and coffee service and accessories1
Business briefcases1
Cabinets for under the sink, drawer sets, column cabinets 1
Cake design/chocolate making/ice cream making1
Camping and glamping accessories 2
Cannisters containers 1
Ceramic objects4
Ceramics 1
Ceramics and porcelain (kitchen, dining, service)1
Ceremoby/wedding accessory 1
Children's casual shoes,sandals1
Children's sandals1
Christmas and other holiday decorations2
Cloks 1
Cocktail cabinets2
Coffee makers 6
Cold jewels 1
Comfort shoes5
Consultancy companies1
Containers (bathroom) 1
Containers for organizing clothing 1
Convertible beds2
Cooking instruments7
Cookware and oven ceramic dishes1
Costume jewellery1
Cover/Lids 1
Covers 1
Crystal 6
Curtaining 2
Cushions 2
Cutlery 3
Decaffeinated coffee13
Deck chairs, chaise lounges, sun-lounges, loungers – bowers 1
Decorations (complementary furnishings) 4
Decorative items 1
Design pots and pans 1
Earrings 1
Eco-fashion bijoux 1
Electronic induction machines for melting and casting metals, precious and non-precious alloys for the jewellery and dental markett1
Entryway/Foyer furnishings 1
Espresso coffee machines1
Extension dining tables4
Fashion & Jewels 1
Fashion and sports watches1
Fashion jewels 4
Fashion jewels Jewels for men 0
Fashion shoes for women1
Finished jewellery 1
Flavours and essences1
Food processors 1
For fruit and vegetable (peelers, brushers, potato mashers, nutcrackers, slicers and more)1
Forwarding agents 1
Furnishing/ Complements for outdoor spaces 1
Garbage bag holders for recycling of the waste 1
Garden & Outdoor 1
Garden furniture1
Gardening 1
Gift & events 1
Gift and items 1
Gift products1
Gift/Events 1
Glass 16
Gold jewelry in 22kt, 21kt, 18kt, 14kt, 10kt, 9kt, 8kt 1
Green coffee7
Griddlers, grills, stones, cast iron 1
Handcrafted reptile bags and accessories 1
Hats and accessories1
High fashion leather goods1
High-quality Swiss cosmetics, Italian hair color, perfumes and fragrances, etc.1
Home fragrances 1
Home textile 3
Home wellness 1
Homewear/Home fashion 1
Hotel bedrooms1
Infant care 1
Infant, children and teenagers clothes, shoes and underwear (Disney, Snoopy, Spider-man, Tom&Jerry, Scooby-doo, Pink Panther, Flor, Popeye and il Mondo di Patty brands) 1
Integrated logistic system1
Italian handmade jewellery and accessories with Swarovsky rhinestones, natural stones, resins, pearls, hand-woven metals strings.1
Item and accessories for smokers 1
Items, utensils, laundry room furnishings, drying racks and accessories 1
Jewellery cases, boxes1
Jewels for children1
Jewels with coral 1
Jewels with diamonds 2
Jewels with precious stones 2
Juice squeezers1
Kichenware 1
Kitchen 1
Kitchen and food saving containers 21
Kitchen and serving utensils1
Kitchen railing systems1
Ladies bags 1
Ladies' handbags with accessories, leather, nappa, python, ostrich and crocodile.1
Laundry and/or kitchen tapware3
Laundry driers1
Leather waist and wallets0
Leather and travel goods1
Leather bags1
Leather chairs7
Leather gloves and fur/leather accessories1
Leather goods 3
Leather handbags and accessories1
Leisure armchairs4
Livin habits (kitchen, table) 1
Luxury designer leather shoes for women 3
Luxury fashion items: ready-to-wear, handbags, shoes, eyewear, perfume, etc.1
Luxury items: bags, accessories and footwear for men and women1
Luxury luggage and fashion accessories1
Machine mad and hand made chains1
Marble dining tables2
Marble living room tables3
Marble or stone furniture, Leather furniture1
Mats, rugs, mattresses 1
Men and women underwear1
Men and women's footwear3
Men's casual shoes5
Men's classical shoes, casual shoes2
Men's sandals and footwear0
Metal and glass9
Metal beds3
Metal bookcases7
Metal chairs7
Metal hooks and adhesive hooks1
Metal household products1
Metal objects1
Microwavable containers 2
Mixers 1
Modern bedrooms3
Modern beds8
Modern bookcases7
Modern chairs7
Modern dining rooms4
Modern dining tables7
Modern furniture8
Modern hall furniture4
Modern living room tables10
Modern mirrors5
Modern rocking-chairs2
Modern sofas and armchairs8
Modern stools6
Modern upholstered rocking-chairs1
Modern wardrobes3
Multipurpose molds for bakery 1
Oil bottles, and other condiment holders/trays Tableware 1
Organic coffee6
Original handmade creations, coated and finished with the ancient technique of collage1
Other utensils2
Outdoor kitchens 1
Outdoor tables and seating 1
Outdoor textiles 1
Outdoor/Glamping 3
Pans, casserole dishes, silicon moulds (for oven use) Pots, pans 1
Partition wardrobes2
Party items 1
Personalized items 1
Picnic items 1
Plastic bookcases2
Plastic chairs4
Plastic coated and chrome plated1
Plastic dining tables2
Plastic objects1
Pod or capsule machines1
Pots and pans: stainless steel 18/10 and aluminum non-stick inner coating 1
Pots, pans and casseroles 1
Pots, pans, casseroles, woks1
Pressure cookers 2
Processed precious metals1
Professional training courses 1
Promotional items 1
Radio and hi-fi cabinets3
Religious jewels 1
Roasted coffee 15
Safety shoes1
Sanitary ware2
Scarves, stoles, swetters and home collection1
Semi finished products2
Semi-finished jewellery1
Serving utensils2
Shelving systems and space savers for kitchen1
Shoes for men and women3
Silver chains and gold jewellery1
Silver for the table 1
Silver jewels5
Sliding or fixed partitions for walk-in robes2
Small kitchen appliances5
Sofa beds and armchair beds5
Soluble coffee4
Special cooking equipment 1
Sports footwear4
Stackable shoe-racks and wine-racks1
Stacking and nesting living room tables1
Stacking or folding chairs5
Stainless steel pedal bins1
Steamers 1
Steel jewels 1
Step ladders1
Support services for precious metal trading1
Table accessories realised in metal1
Table linens2
Tablelinens and tableware 1
Textile accessories 1
Textile flooring, parquet flooring, ceramic flooring Seat, stolls1
Thermal bags, Thermos – Woks 1
Toasters 2
Traditional bedrooms1
Traditional chairs1
Traditional dining rooms1
Traditional hall furniture1
Traditional living room tables1
Traditional sofas and armchairs2
Travel articles 1
Travel bag1
Trekking shoes2
TV tables7
Upholstered beds9
Utensils and accessories for terraces and gardens1
Utensils for desserts3
Utensils for meant and fish, pizza and pasta, cheese Toasters0
Utensils for pizza and pasta1
Walk-in robes2
Women and men handbags1
Women's boots,sandals 1
Women's casual shoes, sandals2
Women's classical shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals2
Women's footwear6
Women's socks1
Wood and glass1
Wood objects1
World maps/globes1