Indonesian Night at Davos, Switzerland

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On January 17, 2017, ITPC Milan with Trade Attaché of Rome arrived in Davos to participate at Indonesian night event in this city of Switzerland. The event was divided into two parts: seminar with discussion or dialogue about Indonesia and dinner. The dialogue was opened by the Minister of Trade of Indonesia, accompanied by others, including: Minister of Industry (Mr. Airlangga Hartarto), Director of Mandiri Bank (Ms. Kartika Wirjoatmodjo), CEO of Air Asia (Mr. Tony Fernandez) and the Executive Director of Lippo Group (Mr. John Riady).

During the event,on January 18, 2017, our Minister of Trade with the other leaders informed about the newest updates in trade policy in Indonesia, including the function and duty of ITPC and Trade Attaché. Directorate General of National Export Development also gave suggestion about the importance of increasing national export by Indonesian Trade Representatives abroad.

The Director of Mandiri Bank also emphasized about the support that Mr. President Joko Widodo has given to the industry world in Indonesia and also to infrastructure. Furthermore, the Executive Director of Lippo Group, Mr. John Riady, also gave his speech about the challenge that Indonesian government faces in improving the economy of Indonesia. After the dialogue, participants and guests were served with famous Indonesian dishes, including soto, turmeric rice, rendang etc.

While on January 19, 2017. BKPM (Coordination Board for Investment) stressed the importance about investment in Indonesia. It is also crucial that the investment will be continuous, to maximize the benefits for Indonesian people. Moreover, in the end, our Directorate General for National Export Development emphasized once more about how significant it will be if Indonesia’s representatives abroad can improve our nation’s branding and image, in order to eventually increase the annual export.

To complete the event for the next time, it was suggested that Indonesia’s cultural art would be performed with musical performance, so that it will be more interesting.  Below, you will find some of the photos taken at the event.

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