Farewell Party for H.E. Mr. August Parengkuan

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On Sunday, January 22, 2017, Indonesian community in Milan organised a farewell party for Indonesian Ambassador of Rome, H.E. Mr. August Parengkuan. In short time, he will end his duty as an Ambassador and return to Jakarta.

Indonesian embassy of Rome, together with Indonesian community in Milan (PII Milan), organised the event with the theme, Indonesian society gathering and consular activity. H.E. Mr. August Parengkuan, gave his farewell speech to Indonesians living in Italy, especially in Milan and around.

In this event, 300 Indonesian people attended the farewell party, which is also supported by ITPC Milan and Indonesian community. In addition, Indonesian students in Italy, Indonesian Milan Muslim Community, Indonesian Bethel Church, GKI (Gerakan Kebaikan Indonesia) and Rela Hati Association also participated in this event.

From the Italian community, The Mayor of Novate Milanese, Mr. Lorenzo Guzelloni, and Italian Police Commander, Mr. Domenico D’Errico, also came to the farewell. On Sunday, Mr. August Parengkuan was accompanied by his beloved wife, Mrs. Sonya Parengkuan, who thanked Indonesian people in Italy for their active participation.

Furthermore, Mr. August Parengkuan also added that Indonesian people in Milan had helped a lot during Expo 2015 last year, which needed a great number of human resources. The Ambassador also gave his appreciation to Indonesians who can get along well with one another, reflected by the success of this event.

Moreover, Mr. Parengkuan also emphasised his role and Indonesian Embassy of Rome as Public Servants who are always ready to help Indonesian people in Italy. In Italy itself, there are around 2,500 Indonesians, in which about 350 are students.



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