Indonesian Batik and Coffee on Veloleo City Tour

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In December 2016, ITPC Milan has set an advertisement on Veloleo City Tour transportation. The advertisement is arranged to pass the crowded and famous Duomo Milano and its square. In addition, this advertisement also passes Largo Cairoli, where there is another famous tourist attraction in Milan, Sforza Castle (including its Sempione Park).

These two places are two most visited destinations and attractions in Milan, the global city of Italy. Not only there are tourist attractions in these two places, there are also most wanted shopping areas around it: Montenapoleone and Via Torino (near Duomo Milano). Furthermore, Largo Cairoli also has interesting places near it, such as Cordusio area where there are high-class shops and restaurants as well, two Piccolo Teatro nearby (Lanza and Cordusio) and Milan Chamber of Commerce.

For the theme of the advertisement, we have chosen two high quality Indonesian products that have been famous worldwide, tasty Indonesian coffee (as the fourth largest producer in the world) and amazing Indonesian Batik (declared already as UNESCO’s intangible world heritage from Indonesia).

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