Garuda Food Products Now in Milan!

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On February 19, 2016, ITPC Milan met Pham Import Export Srl. to discuss the possibility to market Indonesian products in Italy. The meeting was also followed with product testing by tasting the food products brought by ITPC Milan’s Director (Mr. Agung Pramudya F.R.) and Deputy Director (Mr. Sabbat C. Jannes S.), including Coco Sugar, HydroCoco, Mie Sedap instant noodles and Garuda Peanuts.

From the meeting, Pham expressed their interest to import the instant noodles and Garuda products from Indonesia, which then was communicated to Garuda Food representatives. After then, it was informed that Garuda Food Indonesia would have shipped their food products to Italy by June 2016.

Furthermore, these efforts have finally shown successful results after field observation in September 2016. In the present days, Italian consumers and other people living in Italy can find, buy and consume Garuda food products at a store in Milan named Continental Market, located in Via Napo Torriani 18.

Garuda Food Products in Milan, Italy

From the observation done by ITPC Milan’s Deputy Director, Garuda Products in this store were indeed imported by Pham Import Export Srl. At the store, people can find numerous products of Garuda Food such as roasted peanuts, medium sized garlic peanuts, small sized garlic peanuts and spicy peanuts for spicy food lovers.

This great result is a huge motivation for other importers, exporters and ITPC Milan to keep researching other Indonesian products that have potentials to enter Italian market. Nevertheless, ITPC Milan themselves will continue to work on other possible trade collaboration opportunities with Italian businesses to develop good partnership between Indonesia and Italy.

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