Company Profile: Garuda Food

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PT. GARUDAFOOD PUTRA PUTRI JAYA was established in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. The founder was the deceased Darmo Putro, ex-warrior who had chosen to engage in business sector after the independence of Indonesia.

In early 1987, Garudafood started selling its peanut products using “Kacang Garing Garuda” brand which recently known as “Kacang Garuda”. In December 1997, Garudafood started to produce Gery Biscuit as an addition of the existing peanut products.

In 1998, GarudaFood acquired PT Triteguh Manunggal Sejati (TRMS), producer of jelly, and launched jelly product using brands of Okky. The Okky Jelly Drink constituted a new phase for GarudaFood to deal with beverages business. Garudafood also produces Snack under Leo brands for potato chips, cassava chips and popcorn.

Garudafood has earned many awards such as Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA), Superbrand, Top Brand for Kids, Indonesian Best Brand Award (IBBA), Top Brand dan many mores.

To accelerate the achievement of its vision, in 2011 GarudaFood Group form a join venture with non-alcohol division of Suntory Beverage & Food, a Japanese company, established PT Garuda Suntory Beverage which focused on the development of the beverage. Garudafood has exported its products to many countrries around the world.

Now, all potencies supported by 20 thousands knowledgeable workers have become main asset to Garudafood in the effort to go forward to achieve success as sustainable enterprise.

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