Company Profile: PT Bio Takara

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PT Bio Takara is one of industry leaders in beauty sector. They manufacture eyelashes, wigs, hair extensions and toupee products. Their products focus on high quality standard and the company has exported these products to other countries.

Located in Central Java, PT Bio Takara operates its company with missions to provide satisfying products for their customers while also emphasizing on sustainable development to be in harmony with the environment.

In performing, they stick to important values that govern how they operate, which include:

  1. Innovation as a sustainable way to create value with stakeholders by creating and implementing new innovative ideas. Additionally, they also make sure that new ideas in the company are always welcomed and encouraged.
  2. Adaptability of the organisation to meet the challenges that emerge so that they can always provide their customers with sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. Integrity by maintaining honesty and sincerity in operating their business.
  4. Excellence by continuously improving their business operations and finding better ways of doing the things they do
  5. Teamwork to reach the same goal as a company. They maintain collaboration and give respect to the contributions given by each person to achieve the goal of the company.

To contact Bio Takara, please find their details below:

Factory Complex and Headquarter Office:

Bio Takara

JL S Parman 69A
Purwokerto, Central Java 53141

Phone: +62-281-628333 | Fax: +62-281-639333

Email: | website:

To read further about their company, please consult the information below:

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