Company Profile: Kendal Agro Atsiri

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Kendal Agro Atsiri (KAA) is a company specialising in essential oils production. Their motto is “In Harmony with Nature and Human Being”.  The natural products they make in their company include Clove leaf oil, nutmeg oil, rose oil, jasmine oil and other types of essential oils.

The company collaborates with around 2500 farmers and concentrates on zero waste management. Furthermore, the benefits of essential oils have been widely known globally for various uses such as in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, perfume industry and food industry.

So far, KAA has cooperated with international companies in Germany and Switzerland. If you are interested to know more or import essential oils into Italy, please consult to the information below:

Contact Details

Khafidz Nasrullah

Address: Jl Kaliurang Km 13 Perum Candikarang III No 5, Sleman Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Phone: +62274-2860638 | +6281218638521

Email: | Website :

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