Company Profile: DLBS (Dexa Group)

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Dexa Lab of Biomolecular Sciences is Indonesian Pharma Company with 40-year journey and has experiences in various fields, including: Bio-molecular Science Research, Drug Development and Manufacturing.

Dexa Group is currently active in three continents has become one of the top five in the ASEAN region. It has many successful alliances and is based on competent Human Resource Management and Integrated Information System.

The core values of the company are to strive with excellence, act professionally and deal with care. Furthermore, it has vision to become one of the leading companies globally dedicated to provide significant added values for the benefits of our customers, business partners and stakeholders through effective, efficient and continuous operations to achieve “health for all” nationwide, as well as internationally.

To contact the company for mutual partnership or collaboration, please consult to their details below. You will also find their complete company profile attached here.

Hary Soegiharta

Out-License Manager | Dexa Group, Indonesia | |

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