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Their brand is a company that specialises in original Indonesian coffee. One of their top products is Wali Limbung Coffee (WLC), made from the work of various coffee farmers from coffee plantations on the slopes Sindoro-Sumbing, Temanggung.

This coffee is planted with care and affection from the farmers. The characteristics are that it is pure black coffee, tastes strong and has unique fragrance. This fact has made the product wanted by a lot of coffee lovers.

Furthermore, not only this type of coffee, the company also produces other varieties, including premium Arabica coffee, specialty Arabica coffee, premium Robusta coffee, specialty Robusta Coffee and Wild Luwak Coffee.

To contact them, here are their details:

Head Office

Dusun Rejosari RT 01 RW 03

Ngadirejo, Temanggung, Jawa

Tengah, Indonesia 56255

Workshop & Coffee Shop:

Dusun Mekarsari RT 05 RW 01

Karanggendong, Ngadirejo,

Temanggung, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia 56255

Phone: +62-(0293) 5914119 | +62-81226670745

Email: | Website:

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