Remarkable Indonesia: Handicrafts

One of the best things about Indonesia is the opportunity to discover our wonderful handicrafts. The diversity of our arts spreads throughout the archipelago and there are different ornaments and carving goods for daily use, celebrations and home decorations. The

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Remarkable Indonesia: Jepara Furniture

Jepara is an Indonesian Regency located in Central Java famous for its ability to produce quality wooden furniture and handicrafts. It’s known for the excellence of its teak furniture. In this regency, the whole industry employs around 80,000 people. Teak

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Remarkable Indonesia: Bromo

Mount Bromo in Indonesia is one of the most visited and popular active volcanoes in the world. As a magnificent tourist attraction, this place has become the love of people who love adventure and travelling. Located in East Java, Indonesia,

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Remarkable Indonesia: Pearl

As you know, a pearl is a beautiful object produced within a living shelled mollusk. Usually, the form of pearl is perfectly round and smooth. The finest quality natural pearls have been considered as valuable gemstones. And for centuries, they

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Remarkable Indonesia: Yellowfin Tuna

Indonesia is an archipelago composed of more than 17 thousand islands. For this fact, there are many Indonesian people who work on the sea and get their fortune there. Our fish and other seafood products have been recognised as one

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