Remarkable Indonesia: Bromo

Mount Bromo in Indonesia is one of the most visited and popular active volcanoes in the world. As a magnificent tourist attraction, this place has become the love of people who love adventure and travelling. Located in East Java, Indonesia,

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Remarkable Indonesia: Subak

Everyone in the world knows Bali. It is named as the Island of Gods where people can relax at stunning beaches almost everywhere. Bali has been a favourite holiday destination for many people from other countries and continents, such as

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Remarkable Indonesia: Lake Toba

Do you enjoy the relaxing feeling of lake view and atmosphere? If you do, then you will be happy to visit one of our wonderful destinations in the Island of Sumatra, Lake Toba. Recognised as one of the natural wonders

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Remarkable Indonesia: Wakatobi

For people who love sea and beaches, Indonesia is really the right place to be, especially for holiday destination. In our country, we have around 17,000 islands and so many exciting plus adventurous activities in the water to experience. Take

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Remarkable Indonesia: Komodo Island

Mostly known for its wonderful sea and beaches, Indonesia is actually full of other interesting destinations too. There are lovely villages, majestic temples like Borobudur and Prambanan, or even special destinations, such as Komodo Island for example. Many people might

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