Cocoa (cocoa), or Theobroma cacao in latin, is a tree plant originating from South America. This plant seeds produced processed products known as chocolate. Chocolate has many health and psychological benefits. One of the benefits is to lower blood pressure, if consumed regularly. Chocolate contains theobromine, fenetilamina, and anandamida which belongs to the type of …

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Automotive Industry

Improved domestic economic growth has influenced the increase of community activities. Therefore, the community’s need for transportation, both individually and publicly, continues to show significant development. The need for transportation means then had a positive impact on the growth of the automotive industry sector in Indonesia. Data from Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia / GAIKINDO …

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Arts & Crafts

As the number of culture-conscious consumer rising in the recent year, the demand of art and craft products has started to increase recently. Young people, specifically, started what we known as the Generation Yawn which becomes one of the drivers of art and craft industries. Furthermore, higher interest in house and space decorating drives up …

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