Catalogue: Lolitattoo & Lolinails

Lolitattoo is premium water based temporary tattoo. Using only high quality material, this tattoo can last 3 to 4 days. It does not disappear after shower and swimming. The material used has already been tested and certified safe for skin. Their

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Catalogue: Make Over

PT Paragon Technology and Innovation is the largest Indonesian cosmetic company that was established in 1985. So far, they have created three established makeup brands and two hair brands: Wardah, Make Over, Emina, Putri and Innovative Xalon (IX). The brand

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Catalogue: Bintang Mas Triyasa (Eyelashes)

Started with only 50 employees, PT. Bintang Mas Triyasa has grown to more than 1,800 employees and 4,000 contract resources. They define themselves as people-centred company where employers are brandishing a wide arsenal of retention strategies, including benefits plans, training programs and bonuses, along with the prestige for working

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