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Finesse Coffee is a direct-trade and supplier for excellent Indonesian coffee. Their philosophy is simple, starting off with selected high-quality beans, hand-picked from their collaborations with local farmers in these three regions in Indonesia: Aceh – North Sumatra, Pagaralam – South Sumatra and Temanggung – Central Java.

All of these sources are single origin beans. From the beginning, they control the bean sources carefully, manage the processing, monitor the packing, storage and eventually, shipment to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Currently, Singapore and Australia have distributed their coffee. Therefore, they would like to expand into Europe as well, as for example, into the Italian market, given its huge potential for future gourmet coffee growth. They believe Italy & Europe are the right places to share their unique & delicious coffee products.

Contact details:

Finesse Coffee

Jl. Jembatan Dua, Komp. Harmoni Mas, E-5

North Jakarta14450, Indonesia

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