Catalogue: Garcia’s Mangosteen’s Peel Extract

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This product is developed and produced by Zena Group Company. Since 2006, Zena group company has developed many useful health products that brought them to become one of the leaders in natural and healthy products.

At the moment, they are seeking beneficial partnership to share the advantages of the products globally. Zena group company has also a leading portfolio of products marketing in Indonesia.  Thousands of outlets in many places have been promoting our products.

On this product catalogue, they would like to introduce a product called mangosteen’s pericarp extract. Known as tropical fruit with unique colour, mangosteen is a fruit with a lot of health benefits, especially its pericarp (the peel) that contains essential nutrition for human body, including wonderful antioxidants like xanthones, alpha-mangostines, gamma-mangostines.

To read more about this miraculous product, please consult to the catalogue below and also, you will find their contact details:


Raya Cicadas #51, Gunung Putri, Bogor

Indonesia 16964

Website: | E-mail:

Twitter: @ZenaIndonesia | Facebook: zena zena

Phone: +62 – 800 140 1430

Print FA-Garcia Big Poster 84x122cm

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