About Us

Welcome to ITPC Milan’s website

First, we would like to express our gratitude to God for the opportunity to develop and present our new website available for all users.

As a government organization, ITPC Milan represents the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia and works directly under the Directorate General of National Export Development. Trade and economic relations between Indonesian and Italian government has been established since January 17, 1973.

ITPC Milan, according to the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the representatives of Indonesian and Italian government, was founded on March 10, 2008. The presence of ITPC Milan is considered significant to progress the trade activities between Indonesia and Italy.

The objective of ITPC Milan is to develop trade and economic relations between Indonesia and Italy. The main mission of ITPC Milan is to bridge the partnership relation between these two governments

ITPC Milan supports and promotes bilateral trade for exporting goods and services to expand Indonesian market in Italy. To achieve its purposes, we shall undertake the following activities:

  1. To introduce and promote in Italy, products of industries of Indonesia
  2. To assist and advice missions from and to Indonesia on trade which will enhance the Italian interest
  3. To serve as a channel for the meaningful exchange of information relevant to the enhancement of trade of Indonesia including rules and regulations concerning market access, as well as to prepare and analyze data, information and trends on markets
  4. To conduct researches and studies on trade
  5. To facilitate technical cooperation including transfer of technology related to trade to maintain close cooperation in the fields of trade with the Government of Italy as well as the Italian private sectors
  6. To manage the Exhibition Hall within the framework of ITPC (if any), and
  7. To undertake such other activities that may deem necessary to achieve the purposes of ITPC

Through our website, we are opening information channel in accordance to the mission and vision of ITPC, our activities and information related to regulation, law and reports about market opportunities.

We continue to improve our services in the trade relations between the two countries. Therefore, we develop the website to fulfil the necessity for information and services access from all parties. Additionally, we also provide information about the business opportunities in Indonesia and Italy.

Moreover, we would like to thank all the parties who work with us to present ITPC Milan’s website to the public. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage visitors to give suggestions about the contents of our website and anything related to the betterment of our website.

Thank you,

Agung Pramudya FR, Director of ITPC Milan