The origin of the word furniture is fournir which means furnish or home or room furniture. Although furniture and furniture have different meanings, they are the same ones, namely tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. In other words, furniture or furniture are all things that are in the house and used by the occupants to sit, to lie down or to store small things like clothes or cups.

In the globalization era, the development of design information and furniture trends can be accessed easily through many ways, for example, social media, internet and magazines. This ease can be used as an opportunity to expand the Indonesian furniture trade market. Although the opportunity is also a challenge, because competition is getting tighter with other competing countries such as China, Thailand, Japan and other countries, tight competition also drives Indonesian products to continue to improve the quality and quantity of their furniture products.

The Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry is an environmentally friendly product and a product that has its own uniqueness that is produced by skilled hands. This industry is a labor-intensive industry and is based on local leading commodities. Rattan furniture products have become luxury products and icons in the European, American and other Asian-African regions where the upper middle class people there tend to fill their homes with furniture and handicrafts made from natural rattan and wood.

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